Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unpublished Magma Album Covers from Thierry Moreau

From our friend, Thierry Moreau, graphics-designer-supreme, comes these unpublished covers for E-R. Thierry has done many covers for our favorite albums, including those from Univers Zero (Heresie remaster), Cyrille Verdeaux, Troc, Hamtai, and Hur. He is to artwork what Udi Koomran is to engineering.

And, according to Thierry, this artwork is FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, and NOT to be used on bootlegs that people try to sell on EBay.

If you need some visually exciting artwork done for your next CD, feel free to explore Thierry's website and check out his portfolio.

Click on each image to show a larger version.

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