Friday, December 30, 2011

Magma - 1970 - Olympia and Golf Drouot

Just before the new year comes a surprise from new friend Denis Rougeoreille. Here are photos from 1970 from the Olympia and Golf Drouot in Paris that I have never seen before. Denis is an old-time Magma fan who saw Magma at the very beginning.

It's always fantastic when people who were there at the beginning find these little treasures in their archives. I hope that there will be more surprises in 2012, as more old Magma fans join social networks like Facebook, and find their way over to the various Magma fan pages.


  1. Thanks Marc! These are great!
    Maybe someone can help him to scan them! That would be a great way to preserve them.

  2. Merci pour ces super photos !!!!!!

  3. Nice but it's 1971 for me, not 1970.


  4. Yes the scanning could be better, but it's still great to see these photos! I agree with Memorizator, this has got to be from 1971, it looks very much like the 1001 centigrade lineup.

  5. Wow! Jeff Seffer and Teddy Lasry playing B-flat clarinets? On the first pic! Based on the live recordings of 1971-72 I really thought Seffer and Lasry played just saxes (tenor + soprano) and flutes. There's even a bass clarinet laying on top of the amp. The Bruxelles 1971 version of "Riah Sahiltaahk" features all of the horn charts reduced to two soprano saxes (+ trumpet). Maybe Seffer and Lasry did play the clarinets earlier on before dropping them?