Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magma Oct 14, 1995

Last one today from Steve. Plus, the blurb on this concert from the Ork Alarm website.

Les Voix de Magma / Christian Vander & Friends

C, S & J Vander, Philippe Dardelle, Alex Ferand , Jean Christophe Gamet, Addie Deat, Philippe Bussonnet, S.Goubert (piano, drums on Transition?), Benedicte Ragu, Isabelle Feuillebois, Pierre Michel Sivadier,

Zëss, I Must Return (Pascal Mono on vocals -, Tous Ensemble, Baba Yaga La sorcière, Emëhntëht-Rê (announcement-extr. n°2-Hhaï), TH-WI-MDK, Hymne aux enfants, Transition (S.Goubert on drums?)

25th Birthday Celebration

1995-10-14 Espace Lumière, Epinay-sur-Seine [d]
1995-10-15 Espace Lumière, Epinay-sur-Seine (AKT VII)[a]

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  1. I was there for the second show. I still rate it as the most emotional concert I've ever been to.
    Bubu is the only musician who played the entire show. He performed MDK twice (Baba Yaga with the children and then during Theusz Hamtaahk with Les Voix). Goubert and Vander were great. It was a matinee concert, starting around half past three. When I came out I was "out of my head" and it took me days to recover.
    Seventh obviously has the tape. Why not releasing it on Akt?