Monday, May 24, 2010

Magma - May 22, 2010 - Nijmegen, Holland

Magma ventured to the Netherlands to play the 26th Music Meeting in Nijmegen. It was the first time that Magma has played a gig in Holland in over 25 years. Word has it that Magma played a one-hour set to an audience comprised of a lot of people who had never heard of Magma before.

They played an abbreviated set consisting of:

1) Slag Tanz
2) E-R
3) Kobaia

A bunch of photos from the trip are posted on Magma's Facebook page.


  1. True. They have surely made many new fans there!

    Well, we where there with 7 people who had all seen them at least once;-) -->
    But, we're from Belgium ;-)


    Review (Dutch) / Recensie (NL)

    Geen wereldmuziek, wel magie en extase

    foto Hans Speekenbrink

  3. Message to all Zeuhl lovers: Dutch Zeuhl/Jazzrock formations Bohemian Groove Orchestra and Alter Ego Jazzbarock Consort are covered on national radio on thursday first of july 22.00-00.00. Also available on internet : VPROJazzLive.radio6.

  4. Listen to Magma's Music Meeting concert, May 22nd, Nijmegen, Netherlands (through Dutch Radio6):

  5. Hhai Marc,
    Indeed, my review is published on the website mentioned above, with beautiful pics by Hans Speekenbrink. Tehere were several reviews publisghed, some of them very bad and with no understanding what Magma is about (De Volkskrant and De Gelderlander). In national newspaper NRC Handelsblad however there was a short but good review. You can find this on my website, where is more to be found on the topic Magma in the Netherlands, like pics and another review by Simone de Wit (in Dutch). I can send you all this in PDF if you like. Also translations, but this will take a while.

    BTW We are doing a three piece radio special on MAGMA as we speak!