Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monseiur Chat Meets God

This photo was from the Jannick Top bass clinic in Nice on May 28, 2010. Who is the mysterious Magma fan on the left with the special sunglasses?


  1. Someone needs to draw a moustache on Jannick, he don't look right without it.

  2. ...& I've heard by somewhere...., some People asking "Who's this Massive Guy beside the Specialglasses One !"....Enjoy It ! This "Massive Guy", for me, right in This Time seemed like a "Connaissance" you never / ever talking with...!...Before the Musical Set, just simply talking about our last meeting time(live), we just agree about 76' (Antibes : VanderTop, 1st Time on Stage !)....BIG ! (4 my heart !)...!...& 4 Epanou also !..& I want to tell it again, here, it was a Big Simply High Time, like you want to like to like...!...Merci SB Musique, Jannick Top à Nice !