Saturday, May 8, 2010

Part 2 of Magma on Tapage Nocturne is Coming Up

The first show gave us a fantastic version of Mekanik Komandoh from 1972 in stellar quality.

I hope that the next show highlights the period from 1973 to 1974, which in my opinion, is the greatest period for the band.

Maybe they will play the recording from Colmar 1974. (I bet that Klaus still has still tape in his attic somewhere...)

[Update - nothing special was played on the show. They opened with a live version of Hhai (probably from the 1975 Olympia live album), then played the BBC 74 version of Kohntarkosz, which was interrupted numerous times with conversation. ]


  1. Agreed on the 73-74 era. I mean the new band with the great vocalists gives them a really dense sound but those recordings from 73-74 aree just unreal.


  2. What's so special about Colmar 1974 ?

  3. Udi,

    Colmar, October 1974, was the very last gig of the classic lineup. By that time, the group has been pared down to a quartet --- Vander, Blasquiz, Top, and Bikialo. Vander describes the Colmar gig as magical ... to paraphrase vander, "The quartet sounded like 1000 people were playing". It is a legendary gig, but no artifacts can be found of the gig.

  4. By the way, Ork Alarm says that for the Colmar show "a support trio included Gabriel Federow".
    Does anyone know who else played in that supporting trio? Maybe Lockwood or Widemann?

  5. No Lockwood or Widemann on the Gorutz band of that time !


  6. I heard Part3 and it was quite disapointing since it features mostly gossip (aspects) almost non related to the music inners of Magma !

    just looks like this four part show will totally miss the point ...too bad

  7. good surprise ! eventually part4 came out to be quite interesting for both Magma's long time fans and fresh noobs ...

    no routine blahblah , just fine

    ( BTW , very hard to believe CV (said he) did not even hear of Carl Orff as late as 1973 !)

    in the end all this makes Part3 almost 'suspicious' as for broadcasting excerpts of 'non Magma' music, just to Offer(ing!) the matching Sacem checkie (?!)...

    Again, I would have favored a full night 6 hour show, and more Magma's expertise input

    CV surely deserves this , one day ...