Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thollophonie - Zeuhl or Not Zeuhl

My friend Francois needs this question answered. Is his band Zeuhl? The bassist sounds like he definitely listens to Top.

What is Zeuhl anyway ?


  1. Sounds more third generation Zeuhl, whatever that means (i.e. I hear more of an Univers Zero influence, with a soupçon of early Crimson, than a direct Magma influence.)

  2. Not even emphasis on repetition and rhythm to be full Zeuhl, in my estimation. But still good!

  3. Avantgarde rock/jazz with a strong Zeuhl influence would be more correct, but that's not a winner one-word tag :)
    Very nice band indeed.

  4. Really I think its down to the band to define themselves, if they see themselves as Zeuhl that's fine by me as they sound great, play well together and are tight, but it reminds me more of a fusion Titus Groan!