Saturday, August 15, 2009

Funny Blog Post About Magma in Japan, May 2009

Look here

He describes the fans and the atmosphere at the Magma concert.

The tickets were around $100 each! And the place was sold out for two nights. Amazing! Most people looked like salarimen, sitting in their chairs and waiting for the next tune. By some mad coincidence, the guy next to me used to be a drummer in a band. And when Magma got down, we were both air-drumming the fuck out of the , um, out of the air. Like everyone else was just kicking it all mellow but me and my new, be-suited Air Buddy were the Air Drummin’ Auxilliarry, and we fuckin’ banged away until our knees were sore. From different countries, races, and social classes, but united in our love of outer-space struggles of imperial dominance, as expressed by pounding the air in 14/6 time.


  1. Today, like yesterday, this link seems not to work....

  2. Thanks, Rodolphe. It's fixed now.

  3. OK, it's well fixed now & this Damage Report is....hum....yes...funny, as you say....