Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Letter I Wrote to Tomato in 1977

These were in the days of typewriters! I wrote to Tomato when Udu Wudu came out to see if they were going to bring Magma to the USA, and to see if they had any promotional material. They sent me a press packet and a number of Magma stickers.


  1. And I wrote to them to see if I could get a Kobaian name!
    Dana Lawrence

  2. Wondering if you can help with some questions over the release date of Udu Wudu by Tomato. There's some debate in the history notes on and I'm wondering if you recall when it came out - there's speculation it was 1978 but no proof of this. Since you were in contact with Tomato before that I wonder if you recall when it came out and if it was out before Attahk was released on Tomato in 1978.

  3. It was definitely 1977. I am pretty sure that Attahk came out in 1978.