Saturday, August 15, 2009

Magma English Tour 1974 - Ad

This is the ad that ran in the British music newspapers in early 1974.
Here are some other things that I have found:
UK Tour 1974, members Cathy Shostak : "I've just been thinking about my short(!) time in Esperanto for this UK tour..(with Magma). I played keyboards and sang back-up. I remember Bruno being very patient with me as I was not as good as he was. I also remember being in that bus with 26 guys and me and Giorgio Gomelsky and all of Magma eating rice and onions (that's all! they ate they said for pure energy) for every meal. I can't remember all the gigs but we definitely did the Roundhouse. As I said it was short but sweet....


  1. Ah, the Vandertop meal as recently featured on the Le Triton website.