Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zeuhl and Beyond is Back Online

It's back. Thanks to Epanou for bringing it back to life.

This blog will hopefully be the place where English-speaking fans can get some news about Magma. The Zeuhl and Beyond blog will continue to be the paradise for French speakers.


  1. yeah , marc !!!!

    I told you it was just temporary (is it understanble?)

    don't forget you can express on

    in any language !

    forget about the barreer of language !!!

    my english is too poor to express myself in this language but most of fr. users can !!!

    I was so nervous about things as you see , I deleted the chatbox on Z & B and I don't jnow how install a new one !!!!

    shame on me !!!

    you know how to do , please ?

  2. I don't know, Epanou. I have never installed CBox.

  3. I hope I'll find !!
    that's fantastic you created this blog !!!

    you know that on Z & B , you can espress yourself in english ! In our little forum too !

    but a blog in english , that's so great !!!!

    keep on , my friend !

    don't hesitate to copy/paste "our" links of dl !

    all avilable on Z & B is yours too , for sure !!!

    and we want to see some reviews in your language !!

    SMACK !

  4. Hey Marc,

    Do you know what's up with Zeuhl and Beyond? I was just on the page last night, but today when I tried to access it, I got:

    This blog is open to invited readers only
    It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

    I hope they didn't take this private. I was checking out the new posts at least once a week for most of this year.

    Any ideas on what's up? And what to do?


  5. Very complicated situation with the admin of the blog, Wood. I hope it comes back on. I do not have access either!

  6. marc ,

    as you know difficult for me to espress myself in english !

    let's try !

    we're 8 actors on Z & B blog !

    but I'm the only one who got all the keys , so ...

    I have to stop the access to Z & B for a little while !

    very sad about it !

    but , I know we'll have intensive destroying flood about things external to the music !

    we have to talk about solutions , the 8 actors , all toguether !


    be sure , isn't dead !

    I could moderate the comments as you did but I dislike this possibility !

    I could remove the shoutbox (one more time)!

    I also dislike !

    I would keep an open expression blog !

    not easy !

    be sure we keep on "workin" toguether , anyway !

  7. Thanks, Marc and Epanou,for keeping me informed.

    Felt like a junkie with his fix cut off....

    I hope the trouble is temporary and things work out. Great pictures, great commentaries, great group of people. But it does sound like a lot of work.

    I'm grateful to have this blog (Kohntarkoz) too. And fewer translation difficulties here!


  8. we have to forget languages difficulties !

    I'm french speaker !

    we have to do our best !

    and we're all Zeuhl junkies around !


  9. Z&B is such an invaluable site , I miss it

    I would come from time to time. Easy to read, little boring comments, simply great

    When I heard of the release of ER , so soon after the turn of the century (..) , I was intrigated and went to read @Z&B access :(

    I hope the site will find its way back soon

    BTW, I came to discover this kohntarkosz.blogspot from Googleing after Z&B ; at a glance one could think it's a gemini !? my sign, so I'll be back here too :)

  10. thanks for your comments about Z & B !

    it will be back online in few hours

  11. is back !

  12. zeuhl & beyond were stolen from me by you epanou.... so i would advice you other not to allow him acsess to anything..... zebehnn