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New On DIME - Le Voix de Magma - Epinay Sur Seine, France 1995-10-14

Magmasystems Notes

DIME user FiveKnuckles is a well-known Magma afficionado who is in possession of a number of DAT tapes that were recorded by Paul Mummery, the former editor of Ork Alarm magazine. I am assisting FiveKnuckles in his efforts to share the music with the users here on DIME.


FiveKnuckles original notes

Recorded on Sony Dat Walkman > Yamaha CD-R recorder > ripped to flac using Winamp

Les Voix de Magma
L'espace Lumiere - Epinay S/Seine 1995-10-14

Posting this as it may be better quality than previous items seeing as it was recorded using a DAT Walkman

1. Applause
2. Voyage en la mer Oceane
3. I must Return
4. Tous Ensemble
5. Applause - CV talking
6. Baba Yaga LA Sorciere

1. Applause
2. Emahnteht-Re
3. Theusz Hamtaahk (end missing)

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