Sunday, August 9, 2009

Magma Resources on the Internet

Here is where you can meet other Magma fans:

1) The "Magma - UZMK" chatroom on Soulseek. You first need to download Soulseek NS (make sure you download version 1.57 NS). Once you connect, view the Rooms List. Search for the room called "Magma - UZMK". If you don;t find it in the Rooms List, then right click on the Rooms List window and choose "Refresh".

2) French Magma forum - this is the place where all of the die-hard French fans gather. The link is: You need to register to access the forum.

Sometimes, the moderator of the forum can be a little slow at granting access, so be patient. If you have been waiting a long time for access, leave a comment here and I will try to contact the moderator.

3) Facebook - There are several groups for Magma fans.

4) Magma Web Press Book - The amazing Robert Guillerault took over the press book from Denis Desassis a few years ago. Mostly in french, but some archived articles are in English.

5) Ork Alarm - There was originally a printed newsletter called Ork Alarm that was written by Paul Mummery. Paul passed away a few years ago, and snooker player and Magma afficionado Steve Davis decided to publish the contents to a website. This site contains a comprehensive list of all of the live Magma gigs since 1970.

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