Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thanks to Rudolphe and the Z&B Blog

One of the great things that the Zeuhl and Beyond blog has done is to bring out some "old" Magma fans who have some great archives and memories of the early days of Magma.

One of these fans is Rodolphe.

Yesterday, Rodolphe posted a bunch of photos on the Z&B blog. I won't repost all of them, but the ones from 1973 are so unique and rare that I want to share them with you on this blog.

About two years ago, there were a flood of Magma live shows posted to DIME. There were a number of shows from 1972 and 1973 that I did not have, including the incredible concert from July 24, 1973 in Marseille.

I have a feeling that we are on the verge of another release of rare Magma material. Rodolphe and the mysterious Bernard have been long-time Magma fans, and have various things from the early years that are coming out of their closets. We hope that there are other old Magma fans that will be attracted by our blogs and will feel inspired to dig through their closets and shoeboxes.

Thanks again, Rodolphe.

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