Monday, August 10, 2009

When will Emehnteht-Re Be Released?

Everyone has been looking forward to the release of Emehntent-Re (popularly abbreviated as E-R) for the past three years. Rumors are that it will be released in September or October.

Another question people have is: Which instrumentalists will appear on the final product. Three of the musicians who started recording E-R have subsequently left the group (Himiko Paganotti, Antoine Paganotti, and Manu Borghi).

E-R ties up a lot of musical links for Magma. It is Part 3 of the trilogy that contains Kohntarkosz and Kohntarkosz Anteria (KA). In fact, one of the best moments of E-R is around the 35 minute mark, where the music quotes the famous three-chord progression of Kohntarkosz.

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  1. Christian Vander said in an interview that the Ëmehntëht-Rê album will probably been released in middle October and added that the recording is nearly finished, so i suppose there will be at least a part of the album featuring actual members.