Saturday, August 22, 2009

Henri Gougaud - Chansons Pour La Ville

This is an album from 1973 by poet/singer Henri Gougaud. Three of the tracks feature Magma members Jannick Top, Teddy Lasry, and Claude Olmos (along with contributions from French jazz drummer Bernard Lubat).

The song Les Tout Gris sounds to me like it was inspriation for Top's later composition, Ork Alarm ... or maybe it was Top that inspired Gougaud. All three songs have elements that would eventually find their ways into subsequent Top pieces.

The three songs can be found here.


  1. I already had this album ; not bad !

    marc , you have the track of Franck Fernandel " la vie ne vaut rien mais rien ne vaut la vie " I just posted the cover on Z & B , please ?

    we're looking for this track released in 1971 with "complete" ( ? ) Magma line up

    if someone knows the line up of this track , please tell us !

  2. The first second or two of "Beton Arme" made me expect a 'Money Shop' advert on The Interesting Alternative Show ;-)