Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mr. Issehn's World - All Magma, All the Time

I thought that I was fanatical about Magma. Mr. Issehn has all of us beat! A view inside the house of Issehn....

Magma on the BBC - May 28, 2011

Jeremy pointed me to a radio show on the BBC called The Freakier Zone. Last night, May 28 2011, they had an hour devoted to Magma. You can listen to the show here:

A whole hour of nonconformist radio, hosted by King of Freaks, Stuart Maconie. This week Stuart musically pugleises with founder of 808 State and Manchester techno house legend Graham Massey, talking about French progressive noiseniks Magma. It sounds big, ballsy and mind-blowing. If The Rapture had actually happened, Magma should have provided the apocalyptic soundtrack. Thankfully, Magma live to melt your face another day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Tribute to Magma from Sergio Sanchez Ravelo

My Facebook friend, Sergio, wrote a beautiful tribute to the music of Magma. Reprinted here, with Sergio's permission.


How could such a wonder of music like yours came into existence?
How could a miracle so great that your music represents came to be?
Your music is the ultimate expression of the divine and spiritual nature of man and the universe.
Your music represents the cosmic transformation of consciousness.
In your music I feel love.
In your music I feel faith.
In your music I feel compassion.
In your music I feel humility.
In your music I feel unity.
In your music I feel selflessness
In your music I feel immortality.
Your music has existed since the beginning of times and will last until the end of times.
Your music destroys selfishness.
Your music destroys anger.
Your music destroys hatred.
Your music destroys greed.
Your music destroys all sorrows and grief.
Suffering disappears with your music.
Your music represents life.
Your music represents death.
You have said that you don’t create the music, that the music comes to you.
I think I understand.
Your music comes from a supreme power.
Your music comes from the divine, unchangeable, and unconceivable being.
Your music, of divine nature, has the power to heal all the hearts of the world.
Your music is joy.
Your music is bliss.
Your music is enlightment.
It is written that the music of Magma is like a mirror where everyone can see a reflection of who he is.
Deep souls with loving hearts feel a strong and deep connection with your music.
Your music destroys our fake masks that we’ve been wearing and we get to know our true self.
Your music is self-realization.
Your music is the supreme state.
Your music is the real mystical experience.
Your music is infite wisdom.
You have said “to life, to death, and to everything after.”
And I add “to love, to consciousness, to God.”
Therefore your music is love, your music is consciousness, your music is God.
Magma! I call upon you with great love and devotion and I say with all my heart and soul: May the power of your music be the healing force of the universe for all eternity!