Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vox Nostra, De Futura, and Other News

I haven't updated this blog in a while, as I have been taking a break from listening to Magma. I am poking my head out of the sand to give you a few pieces of news.

First, I will be at the Soleil Zeuhl Festival on September 18. I am so excited about this festival, created by the hardest working man in the world of Zeuhl, Alain Lebon. 4 great bands and good vibes. We tend to organize various Zeuhl Meals, so if you are going to be in Paris for this festival and care to share a meal with fellow loonies, let me know.

Second, I have been trying to get my fix of Zeuhl without having to think about Christian Vander.

I have been listening a lot to Vox Nostra, and band led by Pierre Minvielle, with Jean-Claude Delachat (formerly of Eider Stellaire) on guitar. They sing totally in Latin, but the compositions evoke classic Magma. Check them out here:

I recommend the song Doloris Puer to start with.

The Vox Nostra Facebook page is here:

Also, a great version of De Futura, arranged for an ensemble of cellos: