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Oor - 1972

Here is the first time we have shown anything from a Dutch magazine on this blog. Oor is a Dutch music magazine, and in this clipping, then mention that Magma and Amon Duul II will be playing at the Paradiso Club on May 13, 1972 (confirmed by Ork Alarm).

Extra No. 14 - January 1972

Looks like a "Letter To The Editor".

Pop Music - March 30, 1972

Magma played a concert at Golf Drouot on April 2 and April 3 (matinee). Confirmed in Ork Alarm.

Extra No. 12 - November 1971

A brief mention of a Magma gig on October 29, 1971, with a good photo of Vander. Magma only played 2 songs, but participated in a big jam session afterwards. There was a second drummer in the jam, but the article said that the drummer just seemed like one of Vander's students.

Pop Music - March 1972

Ork Alarm has this gig occurring on March 19, 1972.

Vander, Blasquiz, Lambert, Lasry, Cahen, Seffer.
'Terrien si je t'ai convoque', 'Stöah', 'Kobaïa', 'Soï-Soï', 'MK', '"Iss" Lanseï Doïa' and 'Ki Ïahl Ö Lïahk .

Best No. 38 - September 1971

Pop-France / Gibus Club

Getting increasingly popular and attracting many spectators also growing. It seems that is now over the period where only English bands manage to complete the hat. Do not dream, however, claiming that Magma has received the hearing it deserves because we're not there yet. The success of Magma is a success then he should be able to reach the stage victory. Over the months, the progression of Magma can be summarized simply: "It is increasingly difficult. While showing a rather exceptional richness in music, the group has a second advantage, moreover, necessary to make a good group with a large group: the Impact. The viewer comes out of a concert of Magma, whether loved or hated, needs to recognize that something has happened. Even if sometimes, the audience seemed a little confused (which is due to the wealth offered by the group), they never remain long indifferent. Another feature of success: the few seconds between the end pieces and applause. One has the impression that the public seeks to catch his breath, to recover before occur (with conviction). Magma can be summarized and need not be, but the simple word "violence" gives a fair idea of the band's music. Those who still doubt need only look at the great shows they have learned: a vision of disaster after a fiery tongue, evoking both the talons of a hawk and a mushroom cloud. Let us wait until the Americans discover Magma before venturing to say that holes have a large group? Will he have to that "Tendei Magma" reached the Top 30, Top 20 or in any other classification, as long as it is obedience to the Anglo-Saxon, that Magma can rotate regularly? Do we must await the moment when, tired from work too often, the musicians decide to separate support for the "stars" to find the two excellent albums already made? In short, when Magma will he recognized at fair value, that of one of the most exciting today? From July 8 to September 11, the group has been without work is that of France (end of argument).

Returning to Gibus itself (paragraph Magma has been achieved at their last visit, 6, 7 and 8 July), regretting that this item can not be content that I had originally intended. Article "incomplete" because I hoped to include the program of many celebrations that will mark the opening of the season 71-72. A default program, but I can give you half board: call 700-78-88 and ask for any information of interest on the parts groups. Third Ear Band and Mott the Hoople are two groups that should occur in September. This is not bad, but as there are many others you can get an idea of what can be program. In addition to these groups, you will also have the privilege, say a chance (to be modest), to meet members of the editorial staff or (if you prefer) of the drafting committee told the newspaper.

Dear readers, it only remains for me to affix my name at the bottom of these columns to complete this monument that journalism is the "Pop France", after which I can enjoy the free spirit and serene, a great glass of pink (as you know, beyond, the main drink Best).

Joking, I remind you that you can write to me with concert dates, I suggest a particular topic, send me any information on the French pop. Soon with a Pop France a little more responsible, do not forget the guide next visit in a month.

Jean-Paul Commin
Best No. 38 - September 1971

A Few Small Scans from 1970 and 1971

These scans might be able to help Mr. Akoustikus verify some dates.

Magma - Best No. 29 - Decmber 1970

A big slap

Olympia. Saturday, October 17, 1970, 18 h 30. You were not there and that's unfortunate.

In the hall, a thousand friends, the team of "Hair", the nightlife of the "Rock and Roll Circus" and a delegation of "Best" it was a foregone conclusion for musicians of Magma. But who cares it, we knew that this would be fantastic, extra foot, etc.., But you are ignorant and you do not come. And quite sad it's so stupid.

Magma is a big slap across the face and a slap to all the brilliant French group first, which can now change jobs. And do not tell me that "Magma is a kind of pop music "; Magma is music and that's all.

I want to stop the prose here, but I pity your ignorance. Although it is difficult to express in words that only the heart and the senses can feel in the face of such a spectacle.

Never name any group has also found suitable for the music he plays, it's free-pop, free jazz, hard rock, rock it all the labels you kindly paste, but you've never heard that. Yet the group is relatively classical: a piano, tenor sax, a clarinet or a flute, a trumpet or bongos, a guitar effective, discreet and knowing how to use the wah-wah properly (rare) a first fill bassist, singer anything but charming, and ... Christian Vander.

Their double album released by Philips in April, left me speechless, but on stage is an entirely different dimension. On the backdrop, in the middle stands a large blood red sun, all musicians have a dark suit with fringes which turns from green to blue following the inspiration of the lighting, service, except Klaus, singer, impressive with his long black hair falling over a spotless robe of the finest effect.

Magma has played all songs from his album (which does in fact form a) with only a break of five minutes too long. Magma played Kobaïa, went to Kobaïa, Magma has led us to this planet, we were a thousand to follow and some to achieve. If you have the joy (oh how, every time, renewed!) To own the disc, you know the theme of Magma, otherwise, well, buy it immediately. No, but you do not think I'll tell you everything! But first, finish even when the article, you make me happy.

Magma's music is completely indescribable and indefinable, and this is not derogatory, quite the contrary, it saves me a deep analysis that I leave to sociologists scribblers of "pop music". Result of ambiguous melodies, riffs very short, short solos, etc.. No, it's definitely possible, we must see, must hear, must feel.We must especially admire the existing best drummer, Christian Vander, Magma real catalyst, initiating topics, stopping the machine, restarting the whole with a dexterity and strength uncommon.

And then there's the language used, the only downside for some may be. It is a language of their own, such as music, which reflects both the roar of the beast, the hysterical cry of birds and the hum of the jungle. Blasquiz Klaus sings beautifully, his voice hoarse and shrill, literally "party" for the trip to Magma, the unknown planet.

Magma provided us with a joy that no music at the moment can give us the joy of hearing the sublime joy of having witnessed an unforgettable spectacle, the joy of knowing that you can listen Finally something other than soup.

Without a "joint" of any kind, Magma sent us to Kobaia, and it is very beautiful, Kobaia.

A very bland appetizers we had proposed the day before the arrival of Magma. Journey him, we have not carried very far (it's easy, okay, but it's so good ), and despite Magma, this group of ... (see the section of their fan Hervé Muller) has still left a nice impression. Except for a bassist and a planter absent nails on drums (both Americans, well, curious), the votes are in place, the guitarist will not defend evil, sax and flute have listened to many Roland Kirk, but the whole is decidedly wobbly. Without bass or drums, is John Mayall's "Turning Point" without the master, of course. That trip is a rhythm to the "Cactus" and we'll talk about will.

You will continue "Best" later, will soon listen to Magma.

Jean-Noel Oguz.
Best No. 29 - December 1970

Letter from Francois Cahen - Rock et Folk No. 45 - October 1970

Letter of Magma

Dear Mr. Alessandrini,

In response to your article R & F août 70: I have often noticed the lack of information and many serious music critics. I feel almost like when you write on Magma, you've never listened to music. In addition, you make a work of destruction yet unnecessary, given our difficulties.

1st, Richard Raux, Christian Vander and myself did we ever shown in the free jazz. Jazz musicians, we played hard-bop, more derivative of Coltrane and Miles Davis as Archie Shepp. It is also from a radical critique of free-jazz (all he allowed mediocrity: Archie Shepp plays really with anyone now) that we decided to work on new music. This has required eight months of daily rehearsals, a music selection difficult on both their technical skills on their minds and their genuine desire to do something else. No matter what, but something felt really, because nothing is more odious than the lack of sincerity. This was not without difficulty.

2nd, Let's talk about the business side. I sincerely hope that Magma will become "commercial" common sense of the term because we do not want to work for an elite insider and only having an audience gives you the opportunity to express yourself. Each musician in the group reiterated full-time for eight months, but during this time earning a living. The group has refused to return the impresarios, "merchants of soup" fueling a market particularly rotten so since its inception, Magma has played 4 times in all and without any shadow of a "case" for (so you see that to play every night ...). The tracks are long (because they were well designed) which excludes any way radio. It is possible that if this situation lasted (which I do not believe) the band disappeared for lack of livelihood. So anyway, think a little about our compromise. Anyway, it occurs when you want to talk about oral paradoxically because I like your articles, though a little too focused on foreign securities.

So soon. Regards.

François Cahen (pianist of Magma)
241, rue Cler, Paris-7e,

PS I find particularly disgusting Slavik (I studied architecture at William Gillet), as well as I do not support Lelouch. A word to the wise.

Letters to the Editor, Rock & Folk # 45 - October 1970

Magma - Rock et Folk No. 45 - October 1970

Magma with Deep Purple - Best No. 29 - December 1970

The next scan is from 1970. There are two reviews here of a Deep Purple concert where Magma (playing as a group named Transition) opened.

The Google translation follows.

Transition stage

From our correspondents

Deep Purple in Lyon

Well, if you spoke of Deep Purple in Lyon. Follow me. Back in the past. It happens October 25. One Sunday at 15h00. At the 8th Theater.

At the beginning, not the Deep is Transition. A French group. And Transition is Magma least some types.And then, one finds pleasure, Teddy Lasry (flute), Francis Moze (bass), Claude Engel (solo), Francis Cahen (piano) and Christian Vander (drums), and is roughly what owls do. It sounds a bit like Magma, of course. That is to say that it is both jazz and pop and that is quite original. A very rudely miscible. They were able to digest all their influences, then these coconuts for offering complex music, rich colors that gradually the public enthusiasm, however, rebuffed in the opening minutes. Transition bathed in relaxation and it can judge the quality of everyone in the improvisations. Two songs are performed during which the culture of jazz musicians is any evident particularly among Cahen and Lasry, driving melodic curves. And Vander is a remarkable drummer. Fine, subtle. Without cinema. A follower of slides on the bottom bearing. The other is defending not bad either, Transition is bath. And it is quite cheered by what the room full ...

Following is the intermission ... And it carves a piece of steak and everyone goes his little argument with lots of pop culture, yeah, it's less violent than Noise, Less Bad ... confused ... And time goes tick tock. And we rolled a few. And the Deep, well he can not. It starts to growl viciously, Y has little chicks that are the vagaries in their corner because of that. It gives me a tear in his eye. Then we are told that the Deep, he mistook the hour, four o'clock and five o'clock, but it happens .. And it's true, 'cause ten minutes later, ben v'là on the scene, the Deep. The chicks just dry their tears ... , It crushes our butts in speed ... and it left my Quiqui! ...

Hoo, well, is not a joke, man! ... To start, just to put in the bath, Gillan sent crashing up the microphone. And after that the trapping force. "Speed King", "Child Time," "Into the Fire". It's up huge. It reflects both the detonation and the frenzy full of dynamite, while waterfalls, convulsions, tremors, falling, flow, big purr frenzied, turbulent, Sometimes, CA is convulsing, it winds, it was love, it undulates Sometimes it chokes, AC is broken up, it weeps ... From the beautiful book, Surge sounds kneaded, pressed Stretch marks in all directions. Quartering. Arrachements. Avulsions. Scattering in the violence, madness. Rythmes pumped. All the virulence of an eruption of sound. Chaos and whirlpools. Waves swell to reach amplitudes heartbreaking. Amplifiers thoroughly. And here and there, relaxations, the vacillations, reliefs. The organ is spreading a layer languorous. And the voice tortured, acrid Gillan creeps by spasms, at first simply to sail adrift. Soon to dash, deafen. With all his anger. Returns and setbacks. Tangles. Rumblings. Screams.

Then, "Black Night", very extended, "Paint it Black", "Mandrake root". Ibid. Jet multiple panic on ultra-fast speeds. With Blackmore making the high-flying job in Soli extraordinary distortion - ca bleats, moos, laughs, it cries, it screams. rugit, ça fait tout à la fois. roars, it does everything at once. With John Lord stuffed full - which ventures into every style, here, the Marseillaise, jazz, and there, Bach's musette. Basking, immobility, Elan tumbles. Gust, explosions, screams, sirens, is apocalyptic, Ca whining from all sides in a persistent haunting, astounding. There are those who compare it to the thunderous noise of the city, in despair Mechanized which is a throbbing city not know, but it's huge, monstrous .... Only no shade in this passion, along with drummer solo Paice has the support of "Paint it Black" Technically very good, inspirational part, boring. Variations on the theme of the locomotive is known ...

And this "Mandrake root" finish off the service! ... A real spark. From his shaken. Cumshot bathed in an explosion of light flashes uninterrupted. Intersections, entanglements of all voices, Interference without restraint. That fuse is full, and disperses, sank to recover soon. Music that brutalizes, violent music with the look of musicians, ghosts in disjointed flashes of light crude, Nightmare. ... It's Deep and all that!

Should that I added that if he is Deep in Lyon on 25 October, bin thanks to a nice lady named Luce Melite, and defends the pop, and that acting really for AC, in Zappa December, February Zeppelin, Pink Floyd in April-May, the Who and one of these days, that's what she promised us in the future. Hein, who would take a lot of little ladies like that, by province and elsewhere ...

Corresponding from Lyon.

Zoo at Elboeuf

Theoretically, Monday, November 2nd, we had the chance to attend the show of Deep Purple has Elbeuf, only here it is: not finding the French public quite to their liking, these dear gentlemen have not found it necessary to continue their tour. Ainsi sont-ils allés à Lyon, Sochaux, Mulhouse. Thus they went to Lyon, Sochaux, Mulhouse. après quoi, Ils ont annulé, leur contrat au Havre, Elbeuf et Brest. then, they have canceled their contract in Le Havre, Brest and Elbeuf. Nevertheless, they still agreed to the Musicorama 1 November at the Olympia. Admit that their success - quite merit that matter - has not "arranged" in terms of politeness!

Fortunately, the organizer of the gala Elbeuf is not a man to be apart for so little that night, instead of Deep Purple, we had the zoo, the first part of the show is ensured, as before, by transition.

Eleven hundred people attended the show, there were many boys who had emerged from their dusty wigs behind barns; it was so long that they had not had the opportunity to do so.

But let's talk about the show itself, the curtain opened - this way of speaking, since it was already open - on Transitions. In the dictionary pop, Transition = abbreviation for Magma. Weird, is not it? I mean is that the transitions are Magma, three of their elements. We find François Cahen on piano, Teddy Lasry flute, Christian Vander on drums, Francis Moze, on bass and Claude Engel on guitar solo. With the absence of Klaus, almost all of their recital was instrumental. They opened fire on three of their compositions, which at first may seem built quite jazz, but finally have some continuity. These three pieces succeeded adaptations very personal Santana and Jimi Hendrix,. For a quarter of an hour, Claude Engel showed us his talent in making a guitar solo, I think I can say now without me wrong, that is a world class guitarist.

Finally, their show is very diverse, as is the interpretation of "Blue Rondo a la Turca", up to a chorus of yowling cats pissing with a shot of leeks in the room. He who has the opportunity to follow the transitions in their tour could be done and a small vegetable garden, since they had already launched Carrot Havre!

Then came the Zoo; remember - although it is most needed now - the composition of the orchestra: Daniel Carlet violin, tenor saxophone; Michel Ripoche, trombone, violin, Hervé Michel, bass; Andre Herve, organ, vibraphone , guitar, accordion Christian Deneau, drummer; Michel Bonnecarrère, guitar, and Ian Douglas Bellamus, singer

That, say their show? Other than I have already talked so much! They performed compositions by Michel Bonnecarrère remarkable, pieces that are on their last 33 laps: "City Breakdown," "Endless Words". " I shall be free" , but also oldies their debut. Each member of the Zoo is a show all by himself Ian Douglas Bellamus fights with his microphone, Michel Hervé fights with his bass, as has Andre Herve him, he fights with his Hammond organ. In this battle, is also a musician who is the winner, which earned him finish the show at the piano. Note also the unforgettable violin solo by Michel Ripoche.

In conclusion, it is clear that he would have been nice to see and hear Deep Purple, but ultimately the show, as it was designed, was not done to displease many.

Corresponding from Rouen.

BEST N ° 29 - December 1970

Magma - Best No. 29 - Decmber 1970

The next few posts will contain scans that Alex Kraus sent to Dana Lawrence a few years ago. These scans are probably third or fourth generation, so I apologize for the quality.

I will try to post these in chronological order, starting from 1970. In some cases, Alex labeled the magazine and the data that the articles were from.


Christian Vander and his rhythms. - Kobaia, Aira, Malaria, Sohi, Sckxyss, Aura, Thaud Zaïa Nau Ektila, Stoah, Muh, Magma. Recently, one of our colleagues, specialist music, but especially in a hurry, called magma "bomb" in French pop. He could have added Atomic.

This music really extraordinary (in the sense of the term) could be played by musicians at (x) talent (s) some (s). And Magma brings together the best musicians in France, musicians confirmed long ago. Those who we play Magma (see the topics listed above) in their double album (Philips, GU - Stereo - mono, 6395.001 / 002), recorded in April 1970, are none other than: Christian Vander on drums and vocals, Claude Engel on guitar, flute and vocals, piano Francois Cahen, Francis Moze (hello!) on bass, Teddy Lasry on soprano sax, flute, various winds (ouch!), Alain Charlery on trumpet and percussion, Richard Raux for alto and tenor saxes, and finally Klaus Blasquiz on vocals and percussion.

Not to sound pretentious, Magma claims that his music is inspired by John Coltrane, but it actually had little relevance. Magma is the music of Magma, and musicians can only play it. Haunting, supernatural, this music touches us deeply, we sometimes feel stirs up lust, never straying into the paths of hackneyed bad taste and ambition.

Magma is not only double album "Magma" is also the music of a film out soon, titled "24 hours only. Topics totally different from "Magma", music that integrates perfectly with the film images, real magic of sound and light.

Magma, it would be useless to explain their music with his comparisons, influences, ambitions, lyricism and poetry "emerges" it would be useless to decompose, analyze their music theme by theme, notes note: it would be criminal to try to explain anything. We'll see, we listen, we're going, without trying to understand. And ended sentences sounding lyrical-political-sociological.

Jean-Noel Oguz
Best No. 29 - December 1970

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Poor Sound Quality in E-R ??????

There is currently a discussion on the Progressive Ears forum about the quality of the sound of the new Emehntehtt-Re CD. There has also been some discussions on the French Magma forum about the same topic.

Mr. Stigglesworth took a small sample of the CD and created a WAV file and a snapshot of the sound.

And, Udi Koomran (who is the sound engineer for bands like Present and others) said:

[Quote removed by Udi's request]

I am not an audio engineer, so I don't know what "-9.3 RMS" means. But, some people said that the clipping is very noticeable when you listen to it through headphones (which I do).

Maybe Udi and Akoustikus can explain this a bit more to the people (like myself) who are mere mortals.

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Magma - May 24, 2007 - Flyer

Thanks to our friend Rodolphe for this flyer.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Magma - May 24, 2007 Schiltigheim

Thanks for our friend Hanwaker for this poster.

A Message to the Readers of this Blog

On Monday, October 26th, I will start a new job with a hedge fund in New York City. We are starting a new series of businesses that will compete in the Investment Banking business. What this means is that I will be working long hours, and I will not have as much time to moderate the blog as I have had in the past few months.

1) Comments in this blog are moderated. What this means is that, when you post a comment to my blog, I am notified by Gmail. I then choose to accept the comment, or if the comment is really spam, then I reject the comment. I am not sure if I will have access to Gmail during working hours. If I don't, then you are going to wait until I get home until I approve your comment. If you do not see your comment appear on the blog right away, please do not continually keep reposting your comment.

2) I will not be spending the day searching for rare Magma things on the Internet. This means that I will be relying on the contributions of others.

On a positive note, Magma fan Dana Lawrence sent me a package of copies of articles for me to post on the blog. I will slowly be posting these over the next week or two. Many of these scans from from long-time Magma fan, Alex Kraus, and these include articles from Germany and Holland.

Thanks for your patience.


I Am Starting A New Job On October 26

On Monday October 26th, I will be starting a new job at a well-known hedge fund. I think that I will need to work long hours,

The Story Of Kohntarkosz - A Comic by Tim

Tim is an illustrator who lives in Paris, and is a big fan of Magma. Since the start of 2008, he has had a website called A Cup of Tim, which contains some pretty cool comics that he has written and illustrated.

Tim has just created a comic in both English and French that tells the story of Kohntarkosz. (Click on the picture and you will be directed to the full comic in English).

On DIME - Troc, September 8, 1973


Fête de l'Humanité
08 sep 1973

01 Intro (2:08)
02 Kali Lo (5:28)
03 Truth Vérité (9:04)
04 Stick Time (7:56)
05 Did you ever (6:15)

Total : 31'

Alex Ligertwood : voc
André Ceccarelli : dr
Francis Moze : b
Jacky Giraudo : g
Henri Giordano : k

aud > reel-to-reel (mono, 1st gen) > wav > flac
[This tape is damaged, hence the frequent dropouts and speed fluctuations].
Uploaded by Uncle Meat, 2009

Upgraded on DIME ... CV Trio, Mulhouse, Nov 20 1986

Christian Vander Trio
Bel Air
20 November 1986

Christian Vander - drums
Francis Lockwood - piano
Alby Cullaz - bass

01 One Down, One Up (Coltrane)
02 Footprints (Shorter)
03 Impressions (Coltrane)
04 Moments Notice (Coltrane)
05 Piano Solo
06 All Blues (Davis)
07 Milestones
08 Body and Soul(Green-Eyton-Heyman-Sour)-->unknown(cut)

Last track cut: out of tape.......

This is a Re-seed, originally saeeded in 2007

Total time: 92:32

Quality: A---

From Original recording with Sony Walkman TCS 310

Cassette -> CD (Philips Audio recorder) -> wav -> flac

Recorded by nadir_53

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Do Not Buy Recordings That Came From DIME

Some slimy person from Uruguay is taking the best recordings from DIME, is packaging them, and is trying to sell them on EBay. He is now trying to sell a copy of Magma at Le Triton from June 6, 2009.

Please do not give this guy your business.

This concert, which was recorded by our friend Maahnt, is available for all to download through DIME.

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The Links for my Guest DJ Spot on October 19

I was a guest DJ again on Steve Davis's Interesting Alternatives show. This time, I was just playing some of my favorite tunes for 2 hours. In fact, there is not much Zeuhl in these two hours.

The broadcast of the show can be found here:

Steve has some special guest DJs coming on his show in the next few weeks, so check back here for further announcements.

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Magma - London, Feb 7 2000

With thanks to our friends at Zeuhl & Beyond and to Alain Lebon of Soleil Zeuhl Records.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Univers Zero and Art Zoyd 3 - Atem No. 13 - June 1978

Univers Zero - Atem No. 10 - June 1977

Thanks to the anonymous donater for the scan, and thanks to Gerard for his permission to reprint this scan here.

DIME - Christian Vander Trio 1986-11-20 Bel Air, Mulhouse, France

Here it is.

Christian Vander Trio
Bel Air, Mulhouse, France

Here, the respected Zeuhl drummer of Magma and Offering fame exercises his skills in an acoustic jazz trio. I suspect that his fellow musicians are Emmanuel Borghi (Piano) and Philippe Dardelle (Bass), but I don't know for sure. Can anyone confirm?

1. Tuning Up (:36)
2. Track 02 (5:25)
3. Track 03 (13:46)
4. Track 04 (8:41)
5. Track 05 (5:10)
6. Track 06 (10:18)
7. Track 07 (18:57)
8. Track 08 (10:53)
9. Track 09 (11:08)
10. Track 10 (5:22)(track cuts off)

I got this recording when tape trading in the early 1990's.

The quality of this audience recording is B+.

TDK SA90> Pioneer CT-W53OR> Audacity 1.2.6> wave> FLACFrontend> flac

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Electric Epic - This Wednesday in Paris

Magma On Tour 2001 - Corrections Wanted


Christian Vander trio

??-02-01 Paris, Sunset (Sunside, possibly more than one show)


Christian Vander (Drums, Vocal on encore) - Stella Vander (Vocal, Additional Keyboards)- Isabelle Feuillebois (Vocal, Percussion) - Antoine Paganotti (Vocal, Additional Keyboards) - Jean-Christophe Gamet (Vocal, Additional Keyboards) - James McGaw (Guitar, Additional Keyboards) - Emmanuel Borghi (Keyboards) - Philippe Bussonnet (Bass)


23-02-01 St-Etienne, Halle C

25-02-01 Porte-les-Valence (t.b.c.)

28-02-01 Sète, Théâtre Molière

01-03-01 PERPIGNAN (France), Le Mediator

02-03-01 TOULOUSE (France), Le Bikini

03-03-01 POITIERS (France), La Blaiserie

30-03-01 FRIBOURG (Switzerland), Fri-Son (cancelled)

31-03-01 VITRY LE FRANCOIS (France), L'Orange Bleue (t.b.c.)

19-04-01 NANCY (France), Salle Poirel

20-04-01 St.PETERSBURG (Russia), Festival (cancelled)

20-04-01 Dijon, Le Vapeur

27-04-01 Eysines (near BORDEAUX, France), Salle du Vigean

27-05-01 OSAKA (Japan), Club Quattro [a]

28-05-01 KYOTO, MUSE HALL(Japan) [a]

30-05-01 TOKYO (Japan), On Air West [a]

31-05-01 TOKYO (Japan), On Air West [a]

30-06-01 Bayonne (or 01-07-01, t.b.c.)

21-07-01 BURG-HERZBERG Festival (Germany)[a][v]

22-07-01 WÜRZBURG (Germany)

01-08-01 Neuchâtel (Switzerland), festival Bonneville (soundcheck: Om Zanka)

25-08-01 Riec sur Bellon (cancelled)

Christian Vander quartet

Vander, Borghi, Grimonprez, Prost

06-07-01 Paris, Sunset (Sunside, t.b.c.)

06-07-01 Paris, Sunset (Sunside, t.b.c.)

06-09-01 Paris, Sunset (Sunside)

07-09-01 Paris, Sunset (Sunside)

08-09-01 Paris, Sunset (Sunside)