Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brazil - December 4 to December 15

Looks like I will be in Sao Paolo from December 4 to December 15 for my business. I am planning to get together with old friend Renato, who is the webmaster for the Univers Zero website. If any Kobaians want to join us for a drink, let me know.

Maybe I can find some good locations for Magma to play if and when they do their first South American tour.

(Nao falo Portugues)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Magma in Germany, November 17, 1975

It looks like this is a concert that Ork Alarm missed.

Thanks to Hanwaker, Ace Detective, for the image.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Go and See Magma Rehearse for $25

Magma has decided to open up the rehearsal for the December 16th concert at Le Triton to the general public. So, you can pay 17 Euros (about $25), and go see them rehearse on December 15th.

I wonder if the members of the Metalik Orchestra (the group of students and amateurs who will playing the music of Magma at this concert) will be sharing in the proceeds. Given the current economic state of the world, I certainly hope so.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Magma is looking for a Trombonist for the December 16 Gig

From Benoît Alziary

Salut les gens :), si vous connaissez un tromboniste amateur (ou pas) prêt à jouer avec MAGMA le 16 décembre 2011, si il peut répéter les dimanches de novembre + 3,4,10 et 11 décembre, générale le 15 décembre, j'ai des partitions pour lui ou elle ! c'est donc urgent... merci bien

This basically is a request for an amateur (or not) trombone player, ready to play with Magma onthe 16th of December at Le Triton.

Benoit has the sheet music, if you are ready.