Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video - Magma - Le Triton - June 23, 2010

Our good friend Elsa posted a 5 part video on YouTube from the opening night of Magma run at Le Triton.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Equipment Needed for Magma's New York Gig

Stella writes that the band is looking to borrow some equipment for the New York gig on September 20th. For various reasons, they prefer not to rent the equipment, and they are looking for some good-hearted musicians to let them borrow some of the "backline" that they need for the gig.

Here is the list of what they need:

1 Fender Rhodes piano 73 notes + 1 small amp. Fender twin reverb or equivalent

1 drumkit jazz type:

  • 18" Bass Drum (mandatory)
  • 2 Floor Toms 16"–14"
  • Tom tom 12"
  • Snare 14 x 5.1/2

All mounted with Remo coated Ambassador drum heads on top and Remo coated Diplomat on bottom (this is not mandatory but it's better)

And the hardest part:
- 1 Yamaha YV-3710 vibraphone

It has to be this one because Benoit is traveling with his blades, equipped with captors. Or if someone has a vibraphone already equipped...

If you can help out, please let me know.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Magma in New York on September 20, 2010

I just got a letter from Stella Vander. Magma will be performing at the Highline Ballroom in New York on September 20. The Highline is on 16th Street and 9th Avenue.

There is more important information that I will post in a few hours. I will need some assistance from some East Coast musicians to help Magma find some gear. (Zeeker, are you still alive?)

Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Covers for the KA Rehearsals (Thanks Planer)

Magma with The Muffins

Paul Sears reports that The Muffins will open up for Magma on September 18th in Washington. The Muffs will play at 5:00 PM, then there will be a dinner break, then Magma comes on at 8:00.

This may very well force me to cancel my trip to the RIO Festival, especially since Mr. Davis can't make it this year.

Feel free to bother Paul on his Facebook page if you want more info. Feel free to bother Paul on his Facebook page regardless....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On DIME - Magma - Melun 1978-10-07


Salle de fĂȘtes, MELUN, FRANCE, 1978 october the 7th


I'm going to discover in my cellar about 30 magnetic tapes (7 inches) with about 50 shows of the seventies!! ESPECIALLY CANTERBURY SCHOOL!!! AND SOME OTHERS !!!!!! Unfortunatly, MAYBE some of (parts) them are damaged (noises, mediums or highs spoiled) I'll add some samples.

cassette > Magnetic Tape 7 inches > PC SoundblasterLive > Wav > flac8 stereo



Some highs spoiled from 04 to 06

05-Drum Solo
07-Last 7 minutes

some help for the songs's name

Dedicated to CV - From Your Lubavitcher Friends

Thanks to Udi for a pointer to this.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is your Impression of the KA Rehearsals?

Now that you've heard the KA Rehearsals ... what do you think of them?

For me, one of the major differences between the 1973 version of KA and the current version of KA is the use of the organ. Magma also used the organ heavily on the 1973 Pont de Ce recording, but I think they stopped using it in mid-1973. The organ really gives the piece a fatter "bottom", and gives a bit of mysticism to the composition.

It would be interesting if Vander would rent a Hammond B3 for a series of concerts, and perform their greatest hits with it. What do you think?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Now on DIME - Magma - The KA Rehearsals - 1973

Rehearsals for KA (Kohntarkosz Anteria)

Lineage: reel > ? > wav > flac

Brought to you by the Kohntarkosz Blog (

This is the very first time that these rehearsals are being released to the general public. Certainly, it is the very first time that they are appearing on DIME.

These rehearsals have been a "public secret" among many die-hard Magma collectors in France for several years. However, in the past year, they have become more widely disseminated to the point where I have been offered these recordings by 3 seperate people on the UZMK-Magma chatroom on Soulseek. So, I figured that it was about time that these recordings were shared on a more "global" basis through DIME.

Magma fans who are specialists of the 1973-74 period (in my opinion, the best formation of the group) have tracked the evolution of the melange known as Kohntarkosz Anteria, first through the famous concert at Pont de Ce in May 1973 (originally recorded by Jacques "MagmaFan" Guiton -, then through the incredible concert in Marseilles on July 24, 1973, the famous gig at the Marquee on December 5, 1973, and finally culmitating in my Desert Island Disk, Magma BBC 1974. Each of these gigs shows KA and Kohntarkosz in a state of transition, and shows how Christian Vander constantly tinkered with the music.

Tracks 1-7 are with JP Lambert on bass
Tracks 8-17 are with Jannick Top on bass

When Top's first bass notes are played on track 8, you can immediately tell the difference between
him and Lambert. You knew at that point that Top was going to be something special for Magma.

I hope that with this release, others will decide to share their rare Magma recordings. There is an amazing
concert from Toulouse 1972 (in excellent sound quality) that an extremely small contingent of fans are
keeping to themselves. This concert features a 14 minute version of Dotz Hundin - this is the piece that
Magma sings in a church in the movie Moi Y En A Vouloir Des Sous. Rumor has it that Stella Vander is
considering releasing Toulouse 1972 along with Gibus 1974 on a future AKT release. If you want to see this
music see the light of day, then please write to Seventh Records and make your wishes known. Otherwise, I am afraid that this important music will never see the light of day,

As always, comments are welcome either here or on my Kohntarkosz blog. Unfortunately, many people grab but few bother to comment. If you don't feel comfortable writing in English, then use Google Translator, or write in your own language and we will use Google Translator.

Enjoy. This is a treat for Magma fans.


Thanks to Rafael Kozub for allowing me to reprint his photo of Eskaton.

Does anyone have more info about this photo?

Amara Tahir, Gerard Konig, Andre Bernardi, Marc Rozenberg, Gilles Rozenberg, Paule Kleynnaert

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kobaia Cover

This cover is pretty good, in my opinion. But I am wondering what happened to the English lyrics. But, that was so, so long ago!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Magma - Washington DC - September 18, 2010 (and UZ too)

(Thanks to Zwenskaia for this link)

Magma and Univers Zero are playing at the Sonic Circuits Festival in Washington DC.

One Shot Reforged

This is the cover of the re-release of the first One Shot CD. Thanks to Zwen for the pointer.

As mentioned here before, the new version of One Shot has Bruno Ruder on keyboards. Some people think that it is better to have One Shot exist with a different keyboard player than have One Shot not exist at all. Personally, I am not in agreement with this line of thought. With the number of groups that MacGaw and Bussonnet play in, it would have been easier to just form another group with a different name rather than disrespect Manu Borghi.

1971 - Recording 1001 at Chateau d'Herouville

(From the Facebook page of Chateau d'Herouville and Dominique Blanc-Francard)