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Now on DIME - Magma - The KA Rehearsals - 1973

Rehearsals for KA (Kohntarkosz Anteria)

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This is the very first time that these rehearsals are being released to the general public. Certainly, it is the very first time that they are appearing on DIME.

These rehearsals have been a "public secret" among many die-hard Magma collectors in France for several years. However, in the past year, they have become more widely disseminated to the point where I have been offered these recordings by 3 seperate people on the UZMK-Magma chatroom on Soulseek. So, I figured that it was about time that these recordings were shared on a more "global" basis through DIME.

Magma fans who are specialists of the 1973-74 period (in my opinion, the best formation of the group) have tracked the evolution of the melange known as Kohntarkosz Anteria, first through the famous concert at Pont de Ce in May 1973 (originally recorded by Jacques "MagmaFan" Guiton -, then through the incredible concert in Marseilles on July 24, 1973, the famous gig at the Marquee on December 5, 1973, and finally culmitating in my Desert Island Disk, Magma BBC 1974. Each of these gigs shows KA and Kohntarkosz in a state of transition, and shows how Christian Vander constantly tinkered with the music.

Tracks 1-7 are with JP Lambert on bass
Tracks 8-17 are with Jannick Top on bass

When Top's first bass notes are played on track 8, you can immediately tell the difference between
him and Lambert. You knew at that point that Top was going to be something special for Magma.

I hope that with this release, others will decide to share their rare Magma recordings. There is an amazing
concert from Toulouse 1972 (in excellent sound quality) that an extremely small contingent of fans are
keeping to themselves. This concert features a 14 minute version of Dotz Hundin - this is the piece that
Magma sings in a church in the movie Moi Y En A Vouloir Des Sous. Rumor has it that Stella Vander is
considering releasing Toulouse 1972 along with Gibus 1974 on a future AKT release. If you want to see this
music see the light of day, then please write to Seventh Records and make your wishes known. Otherwise, I am afraid that this important music will never see the light of day,

As always, comments are welcome either here or on my Kohntarkosz blog. Unfortunately, many people grab but few bother to comment. If you don't feel comfortable writing in English, then use Google Translator, or write in your own language and we will use Google Translator.

Enjoy. This is a treat for Magma fans.


  1. Thank you so much, this is so great !


  2. Thanks for sharing this treasure !
    By the way, was the Marquee concert recorded ?

  3. thanks for sharing this wonderful treasure.

  4. No recording from the Marquee has ever surfaced. The only piece of memorabilia that is known is the little poster that was posted here a few months ago.

  5. 1001 thanks for sharing this. I will definitely write to Seventh Records.

    John B

  6. Hi, I 've been trying to post something on the blog for a while but I don't understand how im supposed to do that... so i'll just post my link here. First thank you so so so much for sharing all these records with us.
    Finally here is a link to my picasa album of photos of CV I took in Nantes when he got his new (yellow) drum kit. There was a one-hour-long concert with two other musicians whose names I have forgotten. He played a long balade by Coltrane on drums only, it was very nice. I had a leg in a cast at that time so I couldn't get a better spot in the audience but I still managed to talk to him afterwards and ask him about the upcomming album (E.R.) and he then signed my Wurdah Itah LP with a golden marker... nice. the pics are here:


  7. So is this recording from February 1973 ?
    At least the parts with Lembert ?
    Didn't Top come later, in March or April that year ?

  8. merci marc pour ce trésor que tu as réussi à sortir de la grande pyramide pour l'offrir en cadeau au peuple de la seconde zone.


  9. this is great, is there a setlist of some kind?

  10. KA (1973) - 01 - KA I (9:16)
    KA (1973) - 02 - Discussion (2:12)
    KA (1973) - 03 - KA I (9:23)
    KA (1973) - 04 - KA II (Intro) (1:03)
    KA (1973) - 05 - Discussion (0:55)
    KA (1973) - 06 - KA II (Intro) (1:28)
    KA (1973) - 07 - Les Musiciens du Bord du Monde (8:36)
    KA (1973) - 08 - Om Zanka (3:27)
    KA (1973) - 09 - Transition (0:17)
    KA (1973) - 10 - Om Zanka (2:45)
    KA (1973) - 11 - Transition (1:39)
    KA (1973) - 12 - Gamma Anteria + Alleluia (7:49)
    KA (1973) - 13 - Discussion (0:05)
    KA (1973) - 14 - Alleluia (0:29)
    KA (1973) - 15 - Alleluia (1:57)
    KA (1973) - 16 - KA II (6:31)
    KA (1973) - 17 - Les Musiciens du Bord du Monde (6:04)

    Total : 1:03:56

  11. Wow thank you. So these are probably some of the earliest recordings of Jannick Top if not the earliest? Fantastic addition to my 73-74 collection.


  12. Downloading now & commenting in advance to thank you for this and everything else that you do here, Marc!

  13. Simply fantastic, Marc! What a great addition to the other Magma studio rehearsals. I feel like I'm hearing history!

    Pure Soul

  14. dimeadozen , right ? i don't have an account there. is there any other way to get this piece of history?

  15. I think you'll find it at Soulseek. Just download the Soulseek client version 157 NS 13e at