Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Previews of the Re-release of Eskaton's 4 Visions

Udi posted some samples from the re-mastered 4 Visions here. Congrats to Alain and the crew at Soleil Zeuhl for re-releasing this masterpiece.

I still remember the great Eskaton concert in Blois, France in 1983. If any of you have the bootleg from this concert, keep in mind that it was me who recorded this on my Sony Walkman about 27 years ago.


  1. I'm loving it... One of my favorite zeuhl albums, and this gives it a whole new dimension. The bonus tracks are great too.
    I remember a few months back there was some word about a remastered version of MDK that sounds a lot better than the original. Was there any truth to that? Is there a download out there? (I'd rather not buy ANOTHER copy of MDK unless it's really worth getting)

  2. This sounds excellent, enough so I will have to get it even though I already have it.