Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recording wanted from New York and Washington

I am a bit surprised that nobody has shared their recordings from the recent 2-day US tour. I have been looking at DIME every day, hoping that some kind soul would be seeding their recordings. I know that half of the people at the Highline gig had recorders and movie cameras. So, if you have any mementos from this show, please consider sharing them on DIME, Demonoid, or Soulseek.

Also, a recording from the Univers Zero gig in Washington would also be welcome.



  1. Amen! These shows had a slightly different sound from the ones I've heard on other 2009-2010 recordings, so should be preserved. Sharing's the best way to keep them alive and in circulation.

  2. What was the setlist like at washington? weren't they supposed to do a longer show there? I figured a kohntarkosz or mdk was in the cards. wish I coulda went.


  3. Hi,

    The show at Washington was incredible (who would have guessed, right? :P) but the setlist was the same as the show in NYC (I wasn't at the NYC show unfortunately, but I've seen the setlist and they match up). I don't know if anyone recorded it though, sorry.


  4. I believe the UZ was pro recorded.