Saturday, January 29, 2011

Video - Magma - Toulouse - September 23/24, 1975

This is some of the amazing footage that was recently discovered in the vaults of INA. It's only a little over 1 minute long. This shows some rehearsal/concert footage from the Magma concert in Toulouse, Sept 24, 1975. Plus some interviews with people on the street. A translations into English would certainly be welcome :-)

Hopefully, Seventh Records can procure the concert footage from INA and release it under the AKT label. The audio portion of the concert was already released on AKT IV. The video would make it complete !

Thanks to GZeuhl for the video capture.


  1. you're welcome Marc!
    thanks to have put it on you tube
    i put the youtube linf on the french forum
    i hope we will get the concert or repetion (it seems to be a repetition before the show but i'm not sure) complete

    ghislain gzeuhl


    Journalist: Rowdy talented young men easily taking part in camera’s shtick, we are at « Capitol place » in 1975.

    Klaus: Look at this, does it reminds you nothing? Haven’t you seen this on walls already… At night?

    Bloke: I’m a policeman, don’t tell anybody but anyway, I never saw that.

    Klaus: You’re a policeman, that’s very interesting because within few years… 

    Bloke: I hope they’re not behind me…

    Klaus: look, this is really serious…

    C. Vander: What is the first idea that comes to your mind when you see this symbol?

    Girl: A beast.

    C. Vander: Are you aware of Magma’s performance tonight?

    Old man: What?

    C. Vander: Magma’s performance ?

    Old man: No.

    Bloke being shown Magma logo by Klaus: I heard about it but I don’t know this insignia at all.

  3. The old man is in fact a vicar. Vander asks him he's heard of tonight's Magma religious service ("office" in French).

    Hillarious. Thank you Marc.

  4. Thanks for the correction, akoustikus. It didn't occur to me that this man could have been a vicar to be honest but it's not that important. The fact of the matter is that there's nothing really interesting to get from those street interviews anyway, it's always the same shit: ignorant common people not having a earthly clue of what is presented to them. Hilarious indeed.

  5. The rehearsal footage is interesting, as Theusz Hamtaahk wasn't yet a part of their setlist.