Saturday, October 8, 2011

Magma Community in Brazil

I may have to spend a few weeks in Sao Paolo, Brazil for some business. I am wondering if there is a Magma community in Sao Paolo. Most of the South American Magma fans that I have encountered are from Chile.

Any suggestions on what an American gringo can do in Sao Paolo?


  1. I'm Brazillian but I'm too far away from São Paulo (I live in the Northeast).

    You should visit the MASP (São Paulo Museum of Art) and the Mercado Central (Central Market). There's some great traditional food there.

    If you like football you might as well visit the Morumbi and Pacaembu stadiums.

  2. I will ask my friend jazzrock guitarist Marcel Dorenbos. He lives nearby Sao Paolo.


  3. I recommend to listen Hermeto Pascoal. If you like and travel to Brazil, take a look:
    For prog-jazz it is a interesting experience. I live in São Paulo. May be in Vila Madalena neigborhood you would see something of our alternative music. Mutantes (Batistas Brothers and Rita Lee) is from that place.