Sunday, December 11, 2011

RIP Ascension

It looks like the French Zeuhl magazine, Ascension, has finally bitten the dust. An announcement was made today on the Zeuhl and Beyond forum by the editor of Ascension. Below is a reprint of the announcement. It seems that the editor was tired of being insulted and tired of the indifference of certain people.

This is a sad announcement. First Muzik Zeuhl died, then the Zeuhl and Beyond blog (even though it was appropriated from its creator, Tom-Erik Loe), and now Ascension. Supporting Zeuhl music is often a thankless task.

This blog will try to continue as long as there is enough interesting news about Magma and about the bands and musicians who are influenced by Magma.

27 janvier 2005 - 11 décembre 2011
Après concertation avec mon équipe et mûre réflexion, je ne veux plus être le moteur (à explosions) d'une machine qu'il faut constamment alimenter sans rien en retour. Face à l'indifférence de certains, au mépris et parfois même à l'insulte, j'ai décidé d'arrêter de me battre en vain et de consacrer mon énergie et mon travail (trop souvent mésestimés) à des projets plus personnels et plus constructifs.

ASCENSION, C'EST TERMINÉ, sans reprise possible.


  1. Love the blog! don't show my appreciation enough but this is about the only place where I can find Magma news. Thanks for all you do Marc!


  2. It is really sad that Zeuhl music news sources are decaying. But everything comes and goes in waves, Zeuhl will never die.
    P.S. Mark, you know we love your blog.

  3. So sad to hear that Ascension is finished, things must have been really bad for you to do this, Thank you for all you've done so far and best of luck in the future Marc!

  4. Marc, this blog is the only thing besides facebook i regulary check !! keep the good work up :)

    did you grab that new solo Vander concert at dimea ?!?

    peace, love and compassion, Tom-Erik Løe