Monday, October 1, 2012

Jannick Top and The Peppers

Below is a note that I received this morning from a reader of this blog. The transition that Jannick made from Magma in 1974 to The Peppers in 1975 is mind-numbing.

Hello Marc,

I love your Magma blog.  It's a great resource for someone like me who loves Magma and Zeuhl but isn't totally plugged into the prog rock scene.

Anyway, I'm friends with a producer named Neil Kernon (who won some Grammys in the 80s, and worked as maybe a second engineer on some Magma stuff in the 70s, but nowadays mostly produces death metal) and he passed this video on to me:

With the note:

"Here's an old track that I mixed in the mid '70s. It was actually quite a big hit in Europe but I haven't been able to find it until now. I also mixed their previous single.

By far the best part about this one was the bass playing. I told the producer that I thought the bass player was awesome and that he sounded just like Jannick Top, and he freaked out and told me that it WAS Jannick playing on it. :-)"

It's definitely not Zeuhl, but as a historical curiosity it's fun to know about. I thought you might appreciate it.


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  1. Here you can find the Peppers' full story (in French):

    On the record cover (pic taken in New-York), from left to right:
    saxophonist Alain Hatot (he played on Üdüü Wüdüü), Mat Camison, Jean Schulteiss (2nd drummer in the Utopic Sporadic Orchestra), Pierre-Alain Dahan et Jannick Top.