Saturday, April 10, 2021

Mystery Photo Discovered: Where? When? Who is the vocalist?

Thanks to our friend Olivier F for this great unknown photo.

Update from Klaus Blasquiz:

"This choirist only made an appearance with Magma during the concert at the Palais des Sports de Bordeaux. She was part of an occasional choir set up for... the occasion!"

More info here:


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  2. Hello Marc,
    I found from my dad a large poster of Magma album Kobaïa , not Philips but Vertigo/phonogram.
    I'd like to know more about this poster

  3. Hey Marc - Tom from norway here
    good to see your page is up
    do you have a copy of t he 1982 concert
    with the opener unknown title....

    btw i found epanou that asshole, he`s a regular on a blog i am waiting to get permission on:

    did you know evelyne cermolatte died 40 years old ;(((((

    peace marc