Friday, July 9, 2010

Program on Dutch Radio

From our friend Cortege

I thought you and all readers of the blog would like to check this introduction to Magma just published - as on July 7th, 2010 - on Dutch Radio 6 'De Wissel' program and website. A brief text, a couple of videos, and two fine hours of guided listening. All music research and selection by 'Stormvogel'.


  1. Really, really enriching!
    Thanks, Stormvogel!
    Now I have some nice material to let people "not in the know" hear what exactly Magma's influences are, with suitable examples. Great!


  2. "sturmvogel"...OMG

  3. NPS / RTV Nijmegen 'De Muzen' did a special on Magma at the Music Meeting festival in Nijmegen. It contains fragments of ER and Kobaia, an introduction by someone named Dolf Mulder (dutch) and an interview with Christian Vander after the concert (in French, translated in Dutch). Here is the URL

  4. August 19 | Dutch Radio 6 'De Wissel' published part II of the special on Christian Vander and Magma. Soundbites of Kobah, Kohntarkosz (Studio 1974, BBC 1974, Live 1975), Om Zanka (1974-2005) and the period with Jannick Top, 'De Futura'.

  5. Finally part 3 of the MAGMA Special is released on Dutch Radio 6 Podcast 'De Wissel' program and website.