Sunday, July 25, 2010

SЮR BAND - Zür sün dїhhёl (Hommage à Christian Vander)


  1. What the hell was this?! I loved it! :))

  2. Here is a message that I received from the people in the band:

    Hello! Thank you for your comment to our videos.
    We are brothers Dmitry Radzetсkiy and Sergey Radzetсkiy participate in the three groups. One of them is SЮR Band (SUR Band) - is original project, who plays surreal-rock.
    SЮR Band - is theatrical performances in which a lot of humor and positive emotions.
    Main objective of the band - enable the viewer to feel the infinite joy and surprise.
    SЮR Band - Participants of many ukrainian festivals.
    1st Place of Festival "Taras Bulba"
    Finalists of National Contest "GBOB".

    The second ensemble is our duet "Big Second".
    The basic idea of the project is the exclusive use of guitars, to achieve the most dramatic sound of music.

    And the third project of experimental music "SUPREMUS".

    We are under the impression of the band "Magma" and Jannick Top and we decided to experiment and create a composition in the style of "Magma" by kobaian language.

    It would be very pleased to learn the impression that this composition of the participants of "Magma".

  3. It is quite well done, Dmitry- a nice hommage and much in the latter style. Now, all you need to do is amp up the bass a lot more... :-)