Friday, August 13, 2010

Video - Magma in Japan, 2010


  1. A fun video. It looks the concert has been professionaly filmed. Hopefully it'll show up some day on Dime.

    Cute Japanese girl btw.

  2. I was there.Backstage.Great moment for Magma.

  3. With this video, I finally get to do something that I'm always wishing people would do for me: explain what's going on in foreign language footage.

    Sadly though, almost none of this has to do with Magma directly. Magma just plays live in the background unappreciated while they jabber on blandly about the festival and its artists. But then there's this:

    Token foreign Japanese-speaking guy:
    "Right now there's lots of live acts going on. Playing at this very moment at the Orange Court is the great veteran prog group Magma. Let's listen in live and see what the Magma show is like."

    Token cute Japanese girl: "Yay!"

    [Magma plays Felicite Thosz; brilliant video!]

    Token cute Japanese girl: "Woo!"

    Token foreign Japanese-speaking guy: "Playing at this very moment at the Orange Court!"

    Token cute Japanese girl: "Yay, Magma! Magma!!"

    [Side note: this was the singular most enjoyable/surreal moment of their banal conversation for me. I never, ever thought I'd hear a token cute Japanese TV girl go "Woo! Yay, Magma! Magma!!"]

    Token foreign Japanese-speaking guy: "Can you believe it, this is the 40th anniversary of their debut!"

    Token cute Japanese girl: "Wow!"

    Token foreign Japanese-speaking guy: "That's right, they debuted in 1970, and now here they are 40 years down the road, having come to the Fuji Rock Festival."

    [As though this was the single greatest achievement of Magma's lengthy history...]

    From here they transition to talking about another "veteran" group, the band Ash, who then sing a B-Day song for the token cute Japanese girl, who's turned 22.

    Typical Japanese TV, but typical Japanese TV + Magma is anything but typical Japanese TV....

    If only these two had any idea what they were hearing....

    "Woo! Yay, Magma! Magma!!"

  4. Well,as Christian brillantly stated some 30 years ago "Le jour ou les gens auront des oreilles","The day when people will get themselves real hears", well let's state the obvious, it will definitely take some time.

  5. Here are some randomly taken and not very well organized pics taken form the recent Magma/One Shot Japan Tour (Fuji Rock and Tokyo Sunrize for One Shot), I myself was involved in the tour management, we all spent quite a considerable quantity of energy but that new Zeuhl adventure was really worth the sacrifice.
    Enjoy there :

    Pierre-Juan, aka el Sushi.

  6. Yes this is great, thanks for posting Marc and thanks Anonymous for the translation. elsushi can you tell us more of the Magma set? How was it? The set list? Your impressions. Was the whole set shows on Japanese TV?
    To me as an Englishman, Japanese culture is very mytsterious and bizzar (no offence intended) so any help in partially understanding - if thats possible - is greatly appreciated. I would definitly love to visit one day.
    Thanks again,
    "Woo! Yay, Magma! Magma!!"

  7. hey marc!
    a new bootelg on dime!!