Thursday, December 23, 2010

UZ and Art Zoyd - Toulouse

Courtesy of Gerard Nguyen


  1. Hamtai! I'm Komar B. from Paris France. This is my very first visit to this blog... and probably not the last one! Great job mate.

    Peace out.

  2. Hello Marc, it's Komar again.

    I have just posted this on You Tube today.

    Maybe you already have a version of this show but in the case you don’t, i attended this MAGMA concert at the very famous « Olympia » in Paris on 27 January 2005 and the friend I was with captured the event on minidisk. The sound is pretty good but for some reason i don’t recall, he didn’t start the recording at the very beginning of the set which is a shame but it’s worth listening to anyway. Enjoy.

    Greetings from Paris.


    Set list:

    1) K.A

    (My friend and I stupidly talking at the end of the piece, nevermind!)

    Suddenly an unexpected guest by the name of Klaus Blasquiz enters the stage pretending to chat with someone on his cellular phone!

    Klaus then speaks to the audience.


    Klaus:  It was just a call from the KREUHN KOHRMAHN confirming me that I had to come here to introduce the ZEUHL WORTZ MEKANIK pillars! 

    First the 2 towers of the edifice: Emmanuel Borghi and Fred d’Oelsnitz on keyboards!

    Within the 9 ZEUHL WORTZ MEKANIK pillars there is also the voices of MAGMA. Let’s start with the Paganotti family: Himiko and Antoine Paganotti on vocals!

    On the « blond side » of the stage (I guess he said that because of Stella’s hair!): Isabelle Feuillebois!

    Would MAGMA exist without her?: Stella Vander!

    On « serpent guitar »: James Mc Gaw!

    On « Earth bass »: Philippe Bussonnet!

    At the inception of MAGMA and the ZEUHL WORTZ MEKANIK, the main pillar, on drums and percussions: ZEBEHN STRAIN DE GEUSTAAH!



  3. You're welcome. In my previous comment I forgot to mention song n°2 which is KOBAIA with Blasquiz on vocals!