Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magma - November 25, 1972 - Festival Sigma 8, Bordeaux

This is from our friend, JC. He got them from the Michel Graillier page on Facebook.

According to Ork Alarm,

1972-11-25 Bordeaux (33) Palais des Sports (Sigma 8 Festival with Storchhaus choir - onstage at midnight)
and the lineup was Christian & Stella Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, René "Stündehr" Garber, Jean-Pierre Lembert, Jean-Luc Manderlier, Gérard Bikialo, Marc Fosset. However, it looks like Graillier in the photos, not Manderlier, and according to Ork Alarm, Graillier joined Magma in early 1973.

(Update - According to JCA,Bikialo and Fosset were not at this gig)


  1. Magma on tour is now updated on this french forum (you may have to register in order to see this page):

    Contributions are welcome.

    Steve updates the Ork Alarm pages from time to time, but he obviously hasn't done it for 1972.

    Thanks for the pics.

  2. Gérard Bikialo, Marc Fosset = not presents à this gig.


  3. More...

    1)Please write Lembert and not Lambert
    2) Only one concert the 25 th not two dates
    3) tou can put Stella on the line-up as you can see her in the photo !


  4. Corrections made. Memo knows all!

  5. That photo with Bikialo, Graillier and Vander always gives me the impression that Christian has recorded something new stuff at home with his tape recorded and is now presenting it for the others!