Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On DIME - Magma - October 13, 1976 - Grenoble

The Kohntarkosz Blog ( is happy to bring you, for the first time ever :

The French Gentleman Tapes - Volume 7

MAGMA (VanderTop)

Eglise du Sacré Coeur
13 oct 1976

01 crowd (2:46)
02 Hhai (13:16)
03 De Futura (27:28)
04 Ptah (24:21)
05 La musique des sphères (24:13)
06 Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (39:25)

Total : 2h11

Christian Vander : dr, voc
Jannick Top : b, voc
Klaus Blasquiz : voc, perc
Gabriel Federow : g
Didier Lockwood : vl
Michel Graillier : k

aud > reel-to-reel (mono, 1st gen) > wav > flac 

The sound quality is not that good, and to me, it sounds a little "reverbish". This is probably because Magma was playing in a large church that night.

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  1. Can anybody tell me if Utopic Records is still active/sell the VanderTop CDs? I'm looking to purchase both, but the secondhand prices are ridiculous, no distributors outside of Utopic themselves seem to carry out, and the lack of being able to pay via Paypal combined with the CD - and shipping prices (I'm Canadian) kind of make me a bit uneasy to send just a cheque and hope for the best.