Monday, March 14, 2011

On DIME - Magma - Sanary, France - 1973-07-27

The Kohntarkosz Blog ( is happy to bring you, for the first time ever :

The French Gentleman Tapes - Volume 2


SANARY, France
Cité de la Jeunesse
27 jul 1973

01 Kohntarkosz (Gamma Anteria) (30:15)
02 Sowiloi (Soi Soi) (14:33)
03 KMX BXII (8:53)
04 Stundehr Korusz (7:18)
05 Ptah (19:02)
06 Intro (3:00)
07 Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (34:25)

Total : 1h57

Christian Vander : dr, v
Klaus Blasquiz : v
Jannick Top : b
Claude Olmos : g
René Garber : cl. contrebasse, v
Michel Graillier : k
Gérard Bikialo : k

aud > reel-to-reel (1st gen, mono) > wav > flac

Magmasystems Notes:

This is the first time that these recordings have been released. The original reels came from "A French Gentleman" who stumbled upon the various Magma blogs and who, as it turned out, had seen Magma several times in the 1970's. The gentleman not only had some assorted photographs, but had recorded various concerts. These tapes made their way to a well known DIME contributor who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. This person spent quite a bit of time digitizing the music and trying to clean up the sound. Some of these efforts were successful, some were not so ... as will be apparent in some later releases. I have dubbed these recordings "The French Gentlemen Tapes", and after about two years, I have been given permission to share these through time. Much thanks go to the Gentleman, as well as Trahnsferheur.

About this recording:

This recording is for die-hard collectors only. There are many, many drop-outs, bleed-throughs, and overall poor sound. However, if you are a fan and a follower of Magma's most formative years, the period from 1973-1974, then this recording is necessary. Collectors of Magma will realize that they played three days before in Marseilles, and that concert was released on DIME several years ago. This was a period of the group where they were trying to make sense of a melange of tunes that included Kohntarkosz, KA, and Om Zanka. Musically, this recording is extremely similar to the Marseilles recording. However, we have something new here .... a 7 minute contrabass clarinet solo from Rene Garber.

Also, bear in mind that, around this time, Magma made a trip to New York City for a few days to play at the Newport Jazz Festival and at the Hippopotamus club. Wouldn't it be amazing if these concerts ever showed up on DIME. Anything is possible.


  1. It's a shame. This would have sounded very good without the cuts! And there's even some jazz dubbed on top of Magma's playing.

  2. Could someone please share it in soulseek NS, i cannot get acsess to anymore ;((((