Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guy Skornik - Pour Pauwels

Thanks to Meurdhek for the pointer. The Cozmicplace blog posted a very rare album from 1971 by an artist named Guy Skornik. The sound files are here.

The big mystery about this album is that three member of Magma (Vander, Moze and Engel) were supposed to have played as session musicians. However, nobody can confirm this definitely. I listened to a few tracks, and I cannot detect any Vanderisms in the drumming. Perhaps students of Moze and Engel can tell if they are on this album.

In the very early days of Magma, the musicians of Kobaia often guested as studio musicians on French albums. Magma fan Jacques Guiton has a list of those albums here.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing. Very interesting album - even though I also think there is no Vander in there...

  2. Merci Merci Marc !!!!
    je cherchais cet album