Friday, May 28, 2010

DIME - Magma May 22, 2010 - Nijmegen, Holland

26th Music Meeting
Nijmegen, Holland
May 22, 2010

Captured from
NetTransport -> dbPoweramp WMA-to-FLAC Converter

1) Slag Tanz
2) Emehntehtt-Re
3) Kobaia

Thanks to khupje for the link


  1. Hey everybody, is there also a 192mp3 version avalable? Many thanks for this one!
    Friso (

  2. a 10-minutes interview with Christian Vander soon after the concert:

  3. Mille mercis!!!

    MAGMA très en forme malgré le manque de concerts... son excellent... Bubu impressionnant!!!

    On ne peut pas télécharger le concert sur son disque dur???

  4. Hi all. This is great - Im really enjoying it - I'm only upto 41 mins into ER, but I'm loving it. Its great Magma have allowed this insight into a new track Slag Tanz before its officially released or even recorded. So thanks to them for that, I look forward to the official one when its released to compare. Would be even nicer if someone found the pre-Fm recording, but until then, this is excellent. Enjoy and thanks to the recorder and uploader.
    Cheers StuArt

  5. God, I'd really love to hear this, but unfortunately I don't have Dime access....
    Can anybody possibly do me a huge favour and share the recording elsewhere? PLEASE??!!

  6. Derro,

    Try Soulseek. If you log into Soulseek, go to the "Magma - UZMK" chatroom and ask someone for the WMA file.

  7. Thanks, didn't think of that! I am a "noob" to soulseek / dime, but i'll give it a go :)

  8. NPS / RTV Nijmegen 'De Muzen' did a special on Magma at the Music Meeting festival in Nijmegen. It contains fragments of ER and Kobaia, an introduction by someone named Dolf Mulder (dutch) and an interview with Christian Vander after the concert (in French, translated in Dutch). Here is the URL