Friday, May 28, 2010

Is the Magma Gig In Washington Still On???

Seventh has removed this gig from their website.

Does anybody know the story behind this gig? Stella? Francis?


  1. Seemed to good to be true. Bring them over for a single concert? Not!

  2. According to Freakshow Charly Heidenreich from Würzburg there's a new date for the Washington concert: September 18th.

    The Würzburg concert has also been rescheduled. This will now take place on September 25th. Magma will headline an one day Freakshow festival. The other band are:
    - Aranis (with Dave Kerman on drums)
    - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

  3. Sur le myspace MAGMA, concert toujours programmé à Washington le 18 septembre...

  4. Anyone know when tickets will be available, or where to get them?