Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carmina - Chaumont 1977 (RapidEye Remaster)

I just posted this on DIME.

Chaumont, France
1977 (exact date unknown)

A RapidEye Remaster (Thanks RapidEye)

Probable Lineup
Olivier BROCHART: keyboards, vocals.
Michel DEUNEUVE: vibraphone, keyboards, percussion, vocals.
Benoit LALLEMANT: vocals, percussion.
Michel RADEL: bass.
Manuel DENIZET: drums.

CD -> dbPowerAmp Ripper -> FLAC (no processing attempted on the transfer)

Carmina is a Zeuhl-ish band from Chaumont, France, that opened for Magma for 4 dates in 1976. There seems to be a resurgence of interest in this band, so I made a quick and dirty transfer of an old cassette that I had.

Not very much is known about this band. Very few recordings exist. The drummer, Manuel Denizet, later went on to play with John Greaves of Henry Cow fame. And, according to Canterbury expert Aymeric Leroy, Gisselman was supposed to join National Health. And, from the Ork Alarm article, "Phillippe Gisselman to join Yochk'o Seffer's NEFFESH MUSIC. Gisselman then joined SERGE BRINGOLF's STRAVE and worked with Seffer on John Greaves album 'Accident' in 1982."

This recording is from the 1977 band. From what I understand, the 1976 band that opened for Magma had different instrumentation and a different sound. Magma Fan Jacques Guiton said that the instrumentation for this concert was "drums, two keyboards, vibes, bass and male vocals".

If anyone else has more information and more recordings of Carmina, please post it here.

Please note that this is a different concert than the one from Angers that I shared a few months ago.

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