Sunday, February 14, 2010

Magma - St. Brice, Feb 13, 2010

The word is out on the Magma forum that the concert at St. Brice was fantastic. Zwenskaia called the concert "Le Pied", which means "The Foot". I think that "Le Pied" is some sort of compliment in French ....

Same pieces as last year, but Slag Tanz is supposed to have been developed more, and now includes some words written by Herve Aknin.

I hope that somebody (Zwenskaia?) will write a brief review for us in English here.

Some videos on YouTube have been uploaded by the mysterious Zeuhl34.

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  1. Hello I was at Saint Brice. Came over from London for the gig. Great performance of Slag Tanz, Felicite Thosz and Emehntehtt re with kobaia as an encore. 2 hours.......patchy sound for the first 10 minutes with vocals under mixed and bass to the fore but then wonderful......I didn't get any new vocals or english lyrics. I think slag tanz may have changed subtly but I'm not sure. Christian on form particularly vocally. James has very little to do these days apart from a great solo in kobaia. Of course, he tracks the bass and vocals superbly to reinforce the sound but I do get the feeling that Bruno is teachers pet. Saying that although his solo in felicite is long it is mesmerising at times (but if you can't take improvised jazzy piano solos it is a struggle)
    A minor niggle really.......a great gig as usual. I think I would like a new encore although there are few compositions in the magma library that fit into the ten minute slot.
    It would be great to hear MDK again particularly as they do get a mixed age audience in France ( but obviously that cannot be an encore.......or can it?).
    Au revoir from London (just got home)