Sunday, February 21, 2010

Magma - Trianon -May 13, 2000

From Akoustikus.

Why did Seventh create this ad in English? And who did they send this out to? Which piece was the winner and was played as an encore?


  1. If I remember well, 7th sent this form to all their customers, probably in order to allow them a chance to attend one of the three shows. People came from all over the world so the ad had to be written in English.
    The winner piece was Hhaï. Too bad it's not included on the DVD. They played "la ballade" a second encore on Sunday only. I missed it because I was there on Saturday. Amazing event and wonderful venue.

  2. i was there for the sunday late afternoon show.. yes it was hhai and tapes do exist. ( mine juhab and guy versions are in my vault with the feeling mine being the best)

  3. There was an audience shot video of the Hhai encore posted on the Web for a while - I thought I had saved it but can't find it right now. It was on a French language fan site - maybe something like Musikzeuhl?

  4. Ah, I found it still there, go to

    and follow the links to surprise video