Monday, February 15, 2010

John Loffink - Zeuhl Vocals

In 1982 and 1983, I knew a fellow named John Loffink. He lived in the rural town of Satellite Beach, Florida, and from that location, John had put out a very good magazine about avant-garde music called Surface Noise.

In the Spring of 1983, I went down to Florida and I met John. I was in a very "altered state of consciousness" when I went over to his house in Satellite Beach, and John proceeded to blow me away by putting on a 5 minute tape of him doodling with his synthesizers. For some reason, I thought that the "music" sounded like Klaus Blasquiz singing an unknown Magma tune.

Fast forward to 2010. I am in my basement, looking through a box of old cassette tapes, and I come across this little gem.

You can play the Zeuhl Vocals mp3 using the DivShare player below. Please let me know what you think of this.


  1. Vocals would have gone well with the version of De Futura by unknamed band that was on dime around july 07... Bri..

  2. Surley it has to be said, that people should listen until the end, than the zeuhlish character unfolds . Not bad at all!

  3. It's amusing, indeed, to come across this after so many years, after doing a simple "Kohntarkosz" search.

    Anyway, just to fill in the blanks, for the historical record. It was early winter '84. Marc was visiting me at the time. I lived in Satellite Beach, near the ocean; John lived further inland in Melbourne. In addition to listening to music, in our altered states, we brought musical instruments and had a jam session of sorts: John used my ARP 2600, I played bass and effects (though hampered by a recent wrist sprain), and Marc used kitchen pots and pans for percussion.

    Fortunately, none of this was recorded. I wish I could say the same for Marc's and my "De Futura".

    Finally, a shameless, and utterly pointless, plug: Those who, unlike the esteemed Monsieur Vander, enjoy electroacoustic music should give Bestia Centauri a try.