Thursday, February 4, 2010

Magma - 1973 - Sous Chapiteau

Our good friend, Robert Guillerault from the Magma Web Pressbook, was recently the recipient of some amazing photos from a gentleman named Jean Jacques Le Moëllic. These rare photos are from 1973, and show the best Magma line-up, the one featuring Top, Olmos, Bikialo, and Grallier.

Robert says that Sous Chapiteau is near Pantin, which is a suburb of Paris. He thinks that this might have been the December 2nd gig, but he is not sure. More information would be welcome.

If it is the show from December 2, 1973, then here is the info that Ork Alarm has on the show:

Théâtre du Présent, Porte de la Villette, Paris (16h matinee - 21h second show)
C & S Vander, Blasquiz, Garber, Olmos, Graillier, Top, Bikialo
If we recall correctly the following morsels were thrust upon us: Köhntarkösz, Theusz Hamtaahk, Ptäh, MDK, Om Zanka, Soï-Soï and Gamma Anterïa.

When you see photos like these, it gives you hope that people still have Magma rarities stored in their shoeboxes.


  1. Wow these are fantastic! Those strings Jannick's using look like frigging bridge wires holy shit! Thanks to the photographer.


  2. Who is the bearded man behind Gérard Bikialo in the third picture ?

  3. JCA said it is Patrick Thiam, who was a roadie.

  4. I was at this show !

    my memory is going completly false !

    but , in my humble opinion , the date is wrong ! I still have no tickets , no flyer , .... nothing !

    so , no proof ....

    Robert ,

    tu y étais ?

    I think , JCA knows the exact date .....

  5. Epanou,

    Aymeric Leroy says that this is the December 2nd, 1973 show. Magma played in the afternoon and at night, and he do not know which show these photos are from.

  6. so , ...

    if Aymeric and Robert say the date is OK ,
    probably , it's OK !

    but , I was at this set !

    I slept in my aunt's flat !

    I'm quiet sure the date is wrong !

    maybe , I made a mistake ! You know my memory is ..... out of course !

    but , I'm pretty sure the date is wrong !

    just waiting for JCA 's advice !

    He got Klaus's book so ....

    that's day' after book ....

    Aymeric , Robert ,

    vous y étiez les gars ?

    j'y étais !

    je suis presque sur que la dâte est fausse mais je peux me tromper ....

    ce serait pas la première fois !

  7. I was there only for the evening set !

    unfortunately , not for the afternoom one !

    I think it was during school holidays

    so probablly , around 3 weeks after the date of december 2 nd !

    but maybe , I wasn't at school but gone to Paris to visit my aunt and present at the show !

    I don't think so !

    anyway , it was an incredible set ! just fantastic !