Saturday, December 26, 2009

Magma - Alhambra, Paris - December 3, 2009

Our good friend Rodolphe uploaded a recording from December 3, 2009 from the first night at the Alhambra in Paris. Magma recently played a four-night stint there from December 3rd through the 6th, and Rodolphe was there with his trusty recorder.

It took me a while to search the Zeuhl and Beyond blog for this show, because all of Epanou's cats were telling me to vote !

The FLAC files can be downloaded here.


  1. A great x-mas gift! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Haha !

    so , it's my fault ?

    cat's Z & B blog now !


    you saw the concert of december 4 is also available for downnload ?

    very easy to find this post if you're using "mots-clés" (tags) !

    for this exemple , "Magma" or "2009"

    waiting for the third night (december 5)

  3. hi marc and epanou,
    it is certainly nice to have theses shows being shared here,,, but what about bringing them over to DIME where most of the magma fans -from around the world are looking for these shows.. is okay with rudolphe to reseed them on dime ?

    as far as i know you both have my e -mail so let me know and i seed them there..


  4. hanwaker ,

    it would be great to seed it on dime !

    we don't do just because we ( Rodolphe and me )don't know how to create a correct torrent !In fact , we never tried ! all the "how to do " is in english so .... not for me !

    shame on us !

    Rodolphe already sent you a mail about this !

    let's seed on dime :=)

  5. epanou
    go here and read 4ieme partie

  6. WOW !

    a faq "en français !"

    that's precious !

    I'll speak with Rodolphe about creating torrents for the 3rd and the 4 th Alhambra's concerts !

    I think he prefers sharing on our blog first , but he'll decide !

    anyway , merci beaucoup , hanwaker !

    it will be usefull one of these days !

  7. and Rodolphe is using an edirol .

    I know his edirol but don't remember the model ! Sorry !

    he'll tell us !

  8. Hi, can someone recommend which one of these Alhambra shows is the one to get? I really need only one show with good sound quality.

  9. @ Anonymous,

    Of the ones I have downloaded I felt Sunday 6th's had the best overall sound quality:

    I made my pilgrimage to France and was there on the Saturday and Sunday nights, both were magical, the greatest concerts I have ever seen. I look forward to anybody who has more recordings from Alhambra sharing these, your time and efforts are much appreciated! Merci :)

  10. Thank you Derro!

    Think I'll go with your recommendation :)