Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peppo's Review of Magma, Oslo, December 12, 2009

They played

"Slag Tanz" (Untitled according to Stella),
Felicite Thosz,
Ëmëhntëhtt-Re and closed with a very intense Kobaïa.

By the time of the encore I was totally exhausted, being slightly cold and having walked all day plus the show not being seated. But mostly because of the total intensity of the performance. They really did give their all, it seemed. Out of my now four Magma shows, this has to be my favourite yet. Awesome. Audience was absolutely enthusiastic. Christian was very positive, more so than I've ever seen him; smiling, shaking audience members' hands. His drumming was far more precise and fitting than at the RIO festival in Carmaux, and generally I thought they were tighter.

Some new compositional elements in both "Slag Tanz" and Felicite Thosz. "Tanz" transitions into major chords a few times -- not sure how I fel about that. Felicite Thosz however has really matured on me, and I really like it now.

Fortunately no "Le Gospel". Phew. I know at least two other PE members were there, maybe they can chime in...


  1. Cool review. Sounds like Vander was in a good mood. Wish I could have seen it. I was at Carmaux and he definitely seemed pretty bleak (which I guess is normal). Looking forward to a bootleg.

  2. Its really good..seems that i missed being there.Christian seems to be rocking .

  3. Greetings and happy Xmas from Italie...

    Thanks for all the precious material shared here...

    I'm a longtime Gong fan and I have just discovered Magma through the Gong connection (Moze, Faton Cahen with Bloomdido, Lockwood with Moerlen's Gong, Switchdoctor Linon) and I have to say I'm becoming addicted to the wonderful music in no time!
    I know various gigs from the brief stint with Moerlen were taped (they're listefd on Ork Alarm) but I have never seen them circulating on Dime or elsewhere...anyone here with such tapes? Also, it seems there has been a slow down of new posts and reseed on Dime, I hope for a new Magma storm of uploads...

    I have a couple of scans from Rock & Folk June 1982 with Klaus interviewing CV and reviewing instruments and hi fi stuff. Let me know if that interests you and I'll post it on some image host so you can share it on the blog.
    I'll search through my collection of italian press, I'm sure something is in there in case anyone cares for articles or clippings in italian...

    my email is netnetit (at) yahoo (dot) it

  4. Yes, Gianmaria. This would be great!