Thursday, December 31, 2009

Video Synchronizatohr Wanted

I am forwarding a request from the folks on the Zeuhl and Beyond blog.....

Somebody (Franck?) made a superb amateur video recording of the Magma concert at The Alhambra on December 5, 2009.

Rodolphe made a good audio recording from that night. Other people might have recorded this night, so it would be great to get the best possible audio recording. So, if you have a great audio recording from December 5, please let us know.

We are in search of somebody who can take the video, sync it with the audio, and produce a new video with the enhanced sound quality.

Can anybody do this?


  1. easy to do it with VirtualDub ...

  2. the video is from Franck/aredurno !

    really incredible quality ! for the vid ; the sound isn't really great !

    Rodolphe is workin' on it but he has no time ...

    Barfix ,

    if you know how to do with VirtualDub , please , contact Rodolphe and Franck (aredurno) via messages on our forum !

    I have no time to learn during hours how to do with this VirtualDub ! nor Rodolphe or Franck !

    çà vaut le coup : les images de Franck sont splendides ! kalité professionnelle A+

  3. im looking very forward to be able to download this !!

    how long till it`s available ?!

    zeuhl wortz