Friday, December 25, 2009

Mauro Radice's "Enciclopedia Pop" (April 1976)

Gianmaria sends along a scan and a note:

Here's the word Magma from Mauro Radice's "Enciclopedia Pop" (April 1976). No scan for this, sorry....the book binding would breakup. Anyway below is a translation and the book cover is attached.

MAGMA - Magma teach us how to be completely stoned, and not even too well; they're in search of "Universal Harmony" and of a language that is able to hit the subconscious, that can be understood without knowing the meaning of the single words (but Vander is taking care of this with a dictionary) and the results should come, one day or another. With their first albums 1001 Centigrades and 2 they have established a noteworthy ensemble, with a bit of lifting here and there, then Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh has seen Penderecki and an hypnotic and obsessive unfolding, willingly similar to an invasion from the Kobaia planet (theirs), while Kohntarzos was a bit wasted. But Vander is too crazy, or too wise, and great things are bound to come.


  1. one of the worst books about rock I have ever read...

  2. one of the best in my opinion.... many groups in the 1976 were completely unknown for the masses, thanks to Mauro to open people''s eyes..