Friday, December 4, 2009

Wanted - Reviews of Emehntehtt-Re

Are you going to be bored over your holiday vacation? Feel the urge to write something about Magma? Tired of me monopolizing this space?

Here is your chance. Just like our friends over at the Zeuhl and Beyond blog, I am soliciting reviews of the new Magma CD (in English only, please) for this blog. I would like the review to concentrate on the music rather than the quality of the sound, but if the quality of the sound affects your listening experience either positively or negatively, then you can certainly mention that aspect too.

Feel free to email me at the standard magmasystems address if you would like to publish a review. Also, no anonymous reviews. You need to tell us your name and stand by the courage of your convictions.


  1. Salut! I'm avaible to write it, it'll be a pleasure, since I've bought the CD yesterday on FNAC Orléans and it's ASTONISHING! Where can I find the mail adress, please! see you, nice blog!

  2. Yes, please write a review of E-R for us. Thanks.