Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Version of the "Magma on Tour" Document is Available

A newer version of the"Magma On Tour" document can be downloaded here. There should be greater accuracy in the future because The Memorizatohr is going to help out a little bit.

Mr. Akoustikus has sent along the following note:

Please Note: This file is part of a collective work in progress started years ago by Paul Mummery and updated on Ork Alarm's website by Steve Davis. To help other contributors and keep track of where informations come from, I used green when I have clear evidence and blue when the proposed update need confirmation. Please DO NOT spread out this file, but always refer to the Magma on Tour page.

If you want to contribute and/or know exactly what my sources are, please ask.

Thanks, any help is appreciated.
akoustikus, December 2009

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